Friday, January 4, 2008

How effective was the Populist Party?

The Industrial Era was a time for cities to shine. Due to the population boost, there were more people in the cites than in rural areas. However, urbanization came with a price: poverty, congestion, and pollution among other things. At a time when urban areas began to dominate, the Populist party rose to advocate for rural areas. Although they were eventually defeated by the Republican party and William McKinley, they left a legacy of hope. They were effective due to their fighting issues becoming a reality in the future, their unique definition of government, and their advocating for food producers.

The Populist movement seemed quite revolutionary due to some extraordinary idea. They sought to fight big businesses that controlled the marketplace. In other words, the Populist Party attached monopoly capitalism. They also publicly voiced their opinion against laissez-faire.

The Populist Party should be admired for to their strive to survive. Upon the election of 1896, they fused with the Democrats to nominate William Jennings Byran as their presidential candidate. However, this plan failed because they were defeated by the Republican candidate, William McKinley. The Populist party ceased to exist as the end of the nineteenth century was approaching.

Although the Populist party diminished, many of their ideas were shared with the Democrats and Republicans. Also, their plans were carried through early in the twentieth century. For example, the direct election of senators became a reality. Finally, the graduated income tax was also established.

Populist plans were carried through soon after their disappearance. Yet, they also lead to a new way of viewing politics. They believed the government should be redefined, not overturned. This is evident in their attempt to form a political alliance between the two racial groups: blacks and whites. They fought for the opportunities of all citizens, regardless o racial background and skin color.

The final legacy the Populist party left behind was respect for the agrarian society. At the time, yeoman farmers were losing respect and consideration due to oppression from growing urban areas as well as large agribusinesses. However, the Populist party focused on agrarian issues. They provided America with an outlet and opportunity to sympathize with the nation's food producers.

The Populist party's wide survey of ideas served to form politics. Although they were defeated by the Republicans, Populist values carried through long after the party itself ceased to exist. Rights they fought for became a reality in the twentieth century, and provided for rights regardless of skin color.


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